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nice Best Homemade Curtains 32 On Home Decor Ideas with Homemade Curtains Find this Pin and more on Color Loveee by Courtney Ralph. I love this idea! Perfect for girls room or even main room! I like the idea, think of the color scheme that it would portray in any room.

It is light weight, but holds warmth really well with its soft, fluffy finish. I am buzzing as I type this blog post as I have made my very first wrap skirt. Have a great evening! The curtains turned out beautiful!

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The coated fabric is typically referred to as a lining, which simply refers to a coated fabric that does not have any particular color or pattern. Curtains may be held back with tie-backs a loop of cloth, cord , etc. The knobs at the end of these cords are called cord pulls or "acorns".

A roll-down or drop-down curtain has its fabric rolled around the curtain rod and is lowered down from above by a separate device such as pictured at right or by pulling the fabric itself, with curtains using the latter mechanism being called pull-down curtains. A curtain hook stopper is a device used to stop the curtain from falling off the end of the curtain rail.

With the increase in single family homes during the last century, the curtain and drapery industries have witnessed simultaneous growth in the demand for their products. Commercial interests also grew during that time as many companies tried to supply institutions, hotels, etc.

Pre-made curtain are sold in "panels" in stores, typically of around 7 feet in length. Cubicle curtains are a popular choice in hospitals and medical facilities for privacy. Commercial sized curtains are commonly used in restaurants , cinemas , and theatre stages. The now well known shower curtain was once named the bath curtain, and were once made of cloth, proving difficult to soak up the water.

Curtains can be used to give a room a focal point. There are at least twenty different styles of curtains [6] and draperies which can be used in window treatment. Main curtain used as a backdrop at a movie theater.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Curtain disambiguation. Noren Japanese curtain at an onsen. Bathtub with curtain at the Bernheimer House. Since the new year, I've been on an organizing kick or overhaul! I must say that I have been very pleased with myself! I wanted to pretty up the room in the hopes that it would motivate me to keep it super organized. My hubby and family are betting against me. It is the room where the kids dump anything that they no longer want or all their school stuff that I want to keep.

BUT I didn't want to fool with it for this room that really no one sees. I decided to try the drop cloth idea! I was so excited….

I couldn't find it online to give you a link. I failed to take a before picture, but just envision the rod brackets not there! While we hung the hardware, I had the drop cloths washing in a normal cycle with cold water and dried them on low heat.

They did shrink a tad bit. As you can see, they are quite wrinkled after washing. They ironed up nicely, but not quickly! Watched a little TV while ironing. Enter the toile fabric. I had this toile fabric left over from another simple project for this room that I will be sharing with you soon. I was able to look at the repeats and get 4 equal strips from it.

I needed 2 strips for each panel. I can't tell you how excited I was that this worked out! No fabric waste……wooo hooo!!!! The reason that I needed 2 strips was that 1 strip wasn't wide enough for 1 panel. I had to seam 2 together then cut a bit off. I had this iron on tape already on hand so I decided to skip the sewing machine. If you can iron, you can do this project! Just follow the directions on the product you use. I had this New Year's goal of taking care of my hands and keeping nails painted.

It lasted about 1 month. My hands are a tool! I measure the width of the iron on tape and this became my hem width. What I did next was took the measurement of the tape, folded over the hem and ironed it. Then I sandwiched the tape per the directions and ironed it to the fabric. I hemmed the bottom and side hems just like this.

I did not apply the tape to the top hem! Yes, I skipped a step, but I'm going to show you why! I wanted the toile to look like it was attached to the drop cloth for a more finished look so the hemmed edge acted as a guide. I laid it over the top edge of the drop cloth and hung with clips. The drop cloths were a bit long so NO hemming was necessary. All you need to do is fold the cloth back. I promise no one will know!

Notice the beauty of the drop cloth in that it is all hemmed!!! Do you see how the toile is folded over and attached with clips? Save yourself some time before crawling on the ladder to hang on the clips. I laid out the drop cloth on the floor. I measured the width of the curtain. I decided to position each end clip 3 inches in.

I have a total of 7 clips for each panel. This leaves me with 5 clips left. If you draw a line on paper and place 7 slashes to represent the clips you will see that you have 6 spaces in between the remaining 5 clips. I divided the remaining measurement by 6 spaces in between the 5 remaining clips. This gave me the inches to place my 5 clips. I had 3 inches in on each end for a clip and the remaining 5 had approximately 10 inches in between.

Did you get that? Please contact me if I can explain further. DO it on paper first. If you look at the before picture, you can see the slight pencil mark. That technique helps to keep the folds all a uniform width.

Needless to say I am over the moon with them. Hubby is too, especially the price! I am considering them for there, and it is downstairs!

Since the toile is not attached to the drop cloth, I can always reuse them for another purpose. Hopefully, it will not be painting since I spent all that time ironing! Drop cloth curtains are a very affordable way to dress your windows.

I have 9 foot ceilings upstairs, and it impossible to find attractive curtains and at a low price to fit our windows. I'd love for you to follow Our Southern Home! The various ways are in the sidebar! I have a couple of other projects to show you in this room. My home tour is also getting ready to start! I'll be starting with my 2 favorite rooms- the kitchen and screened porch! So please follow along so you won't miss anything! This post was featured!!!

Link Parties OSH occasionally participates. Rowe , Somewhat Simple , Yesterday on Tuesday ,. Be Different and Act Normal ,. What kind of clips did you use for hanging the curtains? I love the curtains! I love your drop cloth curtains! I am interested in doing this but I also need to blockout the heat. Have you noticed if the drop cloth has helped with keeping it cool during the summer? Yes, they have helped opposed to nothing there.

In the summer, we keep them pulled more to keep the heat out. You could always line them…. They are just a great inexpensive alternative for a window treatment. Christy, Thank you for your instructions for making those nice folds in your curtains. I have previously used drop clothes and fabric in combination. Sewed a 5 inch strip along the inside of living room 9 foot curtains and really like the look.

Putting together a board for my future master bedroom and yours is the 1st pin. Using the fabric at the top is a great way to tie in a bed skirt or pillows with the same fabric.

Also, I really like your pretty plates hanging next to the curtains. Colors are soooo pretty. Thanks so much, Vicky!!!

I really love them! Drop cloth is so affordable. Good luck with yours!!! The plates were painted by my children when they were young! They are teens now. SO sweet of you to notice! I got here from http: You can either mix your own colors or get pre-mixed hues from a few companies. They still might have seams, though, especially the larger sizes.

It made the room so bright that what only matters is the curtains and nothing comes next after it! Oh well, try try again. I am so sorry for your troubles. I hope it was just a rare occurrence! They really are worth it for the price! Also, you could make a wider stripe at the top.

I was using just what I had that was left over. Thanks bunches for the input! I am having trouble finding enough cloths without random seams!!!! We have made a few returns to Home Depot. Can I ask if the brand you used had seams? Any ideas or brands would be appreciated! Look at the photo of mine in the post with brand info. Adding the toile to the top really gives your curtains a custom look.

Thanks so much for sharing at Throwback Thursday. These are so pretty Christy and look stunning in this space! Remote-Control Window Curtains Silk Custom Drapes Window Curtain Ideas House Hunters Renovation 7am 6c. Where Are They Now? Fixer Upper 12pm 11c. Fixer Upper 1pm 12c. Fixer Upper 2pm 1c. Fixer Upper 3pm 2c.

Fixer Upper 4pm 3c. Fixer Upper 5pm 4c. Fixer Upper 6pm 5c. Fixer Upper 7pm 6c.

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