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It would be a total of 6 rows for that part…. If using wool, do not wash in hot water; always use warm or cool water to clean, along with a gentle wool-certified detergent or hand soap.

Love infinity scarves but not crazy about knitting or the knit look? You might prefer this cute and easy infinity scarf by Jamielyn. You can make one of these scarves in .
Infinity scarves are simply scarves knitted in the round (or back and forth and then seamed), so that they have no beginning or ending. They can be worn long and loose or wrapped around the neck to form a cowl, which is why many knit infinity scarf patterns have the word cowl in their name.
Infinity Scarves Winter weather is no match for one of these cute infinity scarf patterns. Wrapping one of these scarves around your neck is the best way to stay warm and look great in any season.
Infinity Scarves Winter weather is no match for one of these cute infinity scarf patterns. Wrapping one of these scarves around your neck is the best way to stay warm and look great in any season.
Quick & Easy Knitted Infinity Scarf If you want to create a scarf that’s a bit more modern than more traditional options, an infinity scarf is a great choice. Infinity scarves are popular because they’re so secure, and this one also features rows of texture for an intricate look.
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30-minute infinity scarf

Jan 31,  · Hi there, This scarf is 70

We just adore the colors on this one too—the shifting hues help to bring out the pattern in all of its lacey intricacy. A beautiful, elegant design with an entirely different look and feel.

This knitting pattern may be a better match for your wardrobe if the other styles seem a little too casual or blocky for your tastes. Free Pattern and Instructions — Bhookedcrochet.

If you liked the cozy and chunky design from earlier over at One Dog Woof, you might have noticed a second design further down the page. The cozy and chunky design from earlier was longer, more ideal for mid-winter. This scarf is a lot shorter and smaller, which makes it perfect for those transitional days just before the big spring melt.

Another great design from One Dog Woof! Love rugby, or even just the rugby scarf look with the wide bands of color? This infinity scarf is a great alternative to the traditional rugby scarf design.

The designer has a couple of different examples, one with bolder, contrasting stripes in white and blue, and one with more subtle stripping in grey and white. Both looks are fabulous, and the pattern is easy. Great one for beginners! Free Pattern and Instructions — Littlemonkeyscrochet. One fun way to wear an infinity scarf which is just a little bit different is as a cowl.

This is a stylish way to keep your head warm and dry on cold rainy or snowy days. This is a lovely pattern for an infinity scarf which is designed to be worn on your head. Not all infinity scarves are ideal for this, but this one will sit just right. You can be sure if you live in a windy or cold area of the world that all your friends will envy you and want one when they see it. Free Pattern and Instructions — Thesequinturtle.

Earlier we shared an adorable pattern for an infinity scarf and matching headband, both knit. This is another knit pattern by DROPS Design for a similar matching set, but instead of a headband, you make a hat and mittens! The matching set is beautiful, and we love the scalloped pattern of the knitting, which gives it an almost lacey look. It makes for a nice design accent on the mittens, and helps to unify the set.

Very stylish and warm! While most of our infinity scarf patterns are designed for keeping warm on a cold day, we did discover a few lighter patterns that are great for year-round wear. Wear it long, wrap it twice, or wrap it three times if you do get cold. However you choose to wear it, it will add a splash of color and a decorative accent to any outfit.

Free Pattern and Instructions — Redheart. This cute pattern has a braided look, and definitely falls into the chunky category. This is another matching set. Cute, simple, and warm! The tutorial for this great infinity scarf comes from Sweet Verbena. This is a beautiful lace scarf that takes very little effort to make. You have to do a bit of sewing, but not much. You can actually make this in just a couple of hours from start to finish.

Imagine the Christmas presents you can have ready by the holidays if you get started now or you can just make them for yourself in a lot of different colors and patterns so you have the perfect infinity scarf to match every single outfit. What a fun and really easy project! This is a gorgeous pattern for an elegant, lacy scarf that has a lighter, more open feel.

You could wear this scarf with literally anything. The pattern is a little fancier than some of the others featured here, but should make for a great intermediate project once you have mastered some of the easier projects.

Free Pattern and Instructions — Deramores. I may try a few rows with that and then decide. Cindy, so love hearing this! I just finished another one for a gift. My daughter now wants a gray and pink one! How are you going to do your two colors? Are you going to knit with 2 colors together or are you going to do each color separately?

Turned out great, On to the next one. I sure appreciate your posting this pattern. I had made a scarf similar to this but then lost the pattern. So happy you like the pattern!! I made this for a friend for Christmas, and she loves it.

My daughter has asked me to make two for her. Thanks for sharing a great, easy pattern! So glad you and your daughter loved it. I still enjoy making it for gifts! Christy recently posted… Top Posts of Link Party. I just whip stitch back and forth. There maybe some more formal way.

Such an easy pattern to do while watching TV and it looks fabulous, thank you for it! I love that cheery color! Will be subscribing for more of your fabulous ideas. So glad I stumbled upon your site while on Pinterest! It is great for TV watching and passenger in the car. I wanted to know if you could tell me how to stitch the two ends together with a tapestry needle after I cast off.

Please help me haha! I basically lay the 2 ends together side by side in my lap and match up the ends. They I use a blunt tapestry needle and with a piece of the yarn, I just whip stitch the 2 together. You could also look at some YouTube videos on joining ends of a scarf together to form and infinity. Christy recently posted… No Sew Monogram Pillows. Thank you for such a beautiful and easy pattern!

This is exactly what I needed. Im so happy to hear that! Hope you friend loves it! Anyone know how to make this with crochet? I like the textured pattern. Christy recently posted… Christmas Porch. Love this simple pattern!! Using large needles of course I have size I think that would work out just fine. I hope it turned out great for you!!

Christy recently posted… Christmas Trees and Memories. I love this pattern! Thank you for sharing it. It is my first project and has been quick enough to keep my ADHD brain from wandering away to another project. I have made a couple of mistakes in the pattern but I left them in. I doubt anyone other than me will ever notice. The pattern and it being an infinity are forgiving.

I bet your next one will be even better! I hope that makes sense lol. Definitively makes it go by faster. I would go with 19 needle and 6 yarn for sure. Just keep checking the length to get it to work for your height. No fancy words here!!! Are you using smaller needles and thinner yarn? It would make it stiffer, not as soft. What size yarn and needles are you using? I just finished making a few that used a 6 yarn size…super bulky. I went up to a US19 needle and decreased my stitches to I hope this helps.

I am a very new knitter and this is my first time working with something other than worsted weight yarn. I just finished the first 16 rows and want to make sure I am doing it right. After completing the first set of stockinette, I believe , it looks like there is a right side and a wrong side. I swear I purled a row, then knit a row, and repeated for a total of six rows.

I was just surprised to see that at this point, the one side looks like there are just 2 distinct sections. I appreciate your help with such an elementary question. I love this pattern and want to make sure I do it right. No need to even approve my previous comment — I realized the error in my ways! I have over a foot knitted in no time!

So glad you figured it out! It is a fun pattern. That makes it even faster! I need to add this variation to the post. Knitting one now in Lion Brand Hometown…very soft! Let me know if you need more help! I happened to already have size 15 needles so I went to Walmart and found Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn on a gorgeous charcoal color color amd am working on it.

I am so excited to wear it! My daughter has me making them for her friends…on the last one…whew! I tried a little something different with these since I had so many to do and wanted to finish quicker. If using a thicker yarn like a 5 or 6 weight. Move up to a size 19 needle, cast on 15 stitches and follow the pattern for 63 inches.

Has helped me complete 7 recently! Nice job I love to knit as well been home for 2 years and all I have been doing is knitting scarves, afghans baby blankets you name it I have knit it, any good patterns out there to share. You sound like me! Have you tried http: They are paid patterns, but well worth it! Can you do this on circular needles? I would like to do this so you do not have a seam. Get back to me. Just getting caught up on comments! I am sure you can do it on circulars, but have no clue how to write the pattern for it.

Then the second loop covers it! I am knitting this scarf and at some point I did something weird and ended up with too many stitches so I ripped back to where it was correct.

However, when I started again I apparently did the wrong stitch because my right side is now my wrong side. When I rip it out again how do I know which stitch to start with so it is correct? Love the pattern and it was going so quick!

I have a group of ladies that I want to make scarves for asap and your pattern looks perfect. Does that make sense? Again sorry I am just getting to your comment! Thank you for a very basic pattern. So many out there are too complicated for me. But this I know I can do! Here is a link to the yarn. It would probably save me some trial and error though. I am making one right now with Lion Brand Thick and Quick. I moved up to a US17 needle and started with 15 cast on stitches. Look down in the comments from Ursula.

She has been knitting them like crazy. The colors contrast just enough to really show off the modular knitting style, too.

Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark is a knitwear designer, writer and teacher known for her feminine, eye-catching designs. She has a long list of accomplishments, including designing for yarn companies, writing books, making instructional DVDs and contributing to knitting magazines.

With a quick half-twist and an invisible graft, this scarf becomes a mathematical curiosity turned knitted accessory. This is a wonderfully fun-to-knit chunky infinity scarf pattern.

Daniel Yuhas first learned to knit during a long autumn break during college. It never ceases to amaze me how string, two sticks and two simple stitches can be combined in such an astonishing number of ways.

Use a bright color to liven up the winter blahs, and super soft yarn to really make it feel wonderful to wear. Welting is simply rows of stockinette followed by rows of reverse stockinette. The technique brings the stockinette rows to the front and pushes the reverse stockinette to the back, creating the welted effect.

Knit from a super bulky yarn, you can make this scarf in a weekend! This is a great pattern for learning how to knit an infinity scarf. The lace pattern is called a Roman Stripe, which results in a pretty mesh pattern.

Top quality warm knit soft acrylic infinity loop Scarf. Can be worn in Knit Infinity Scarf for Women Winter Chunky Circle Loop Scarves 1 Pack/ 2 Pack. by SEWOO. $ - $ $ 9 $ 15 98 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 stars Home > Infinity Scarves > 40+ Infinity Scarf Patterns You'll Love 40+ Infinity Scarf Patterns You'll Love Regardless of your skill level, if you want to learn how to knit an infinity scarf. Infinity Scarf Knitting Patterns With these fabulous free and easy patterns for infinity scarves, you can go loop-the-loop crazy or keep it simple. Experiment with a huge range of textures and colorways: go bulky, super bulky or even arm knit%(K).