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The PayPal telephone number is just one of the numbers which Contact Telephone Numbers offers to customers, all of the numbers we list on this website are structured in the same way. PayPal Phone Number This structure applies to both the nature of the phone number as well as the cost to call the number.

Go to check my bank account to see if the amount I transferred was pending just to find no pending amount. My bank in England has no problem with me living and having my French address as my account address. Arrogance and lack of listening best describes my experience with paypal. I had the worst costumer service ever. Jessica Williams June 14,

The PayPal telephone number is just one of the numbers which Contact Telephone Numbers offers to customers, all of the numbers we list on this website are structured in the same way. PayPal Phone Number This structure applies to both the nature of the phone number as well as the cost to call the number.
PayPal's basic customer service number is STILL hard to find on their website and to discourage people from contacting them, PayPal only lists a phone number that is NOT a toll free number and costs customers money to call.
This is Paypal (UK)'s best phone number, the real-time current wait on hold and tools for skipping right through those phone lines to get right to a Paypal (UK) agent. This phone number is Paypal (UK)'s Best Phone Number because 2, customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback.
PayPal Number UK for collections and balance queries: Customers who wish to contact for any further queries can contact on PayPal Number UK This PayPal Number UK has direct connection with PayPal UK customer service.
You can contact Payflow Merchant Support center within your region by calling the numbers below. US/Canada: Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, a.m. to p.m. Central time United Kingdom: Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, a.m. to p.m.
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UK Customer Service Phone Numbers PayPal Contact Number: Contact Paypal UK customer services by phone on (calls cost 13p/min plus access charge) or call their dedicated freephone number for no charge.

This of course means that customers can receive any assistance which they require, immediately. The PayPal uk number that we list on this website — — is a direct dial number which will connect customers straight through to PayPal, there is no middle man which will take your phone call, keep you on the line for a period of time and then offer another number for you to dial, it is quite simply a direct dial number.

The PayPal telephone number is just one of the numbers which Contact Telephone Numbers offers to customers, all of the numbers we list on this website are structured in the same way. This structure applies to both the nature of the phone number as well as the cost to call the number.

At Contact Telephone Numbers we pride ourselves on offering numbers that are all charged at the same rate regardless of the time of day they call and that offer customers a direct connection through to the respective customer services department.

Using the PayPal customer service contact number as an example, the costs are as follows: This is only applicable to calls placed from a BT landline though and callers should be aware that other landline providers and mobile phone companies may charge more for the number.

All callers should make sure they are older than 18 years of age and have the permission of the bill payer to place the call, before they actually call. There is every chance that PayPal will record the calls for training and monitoring purposes, as an independent company offering a PayPal customer services number we cannot guarantee what PayPal will do. It is of course possible to contact PayPal through a number of other channels if you do not wish to use the PayPal helpline number listed here.

Calling the PayPal number will connect you immediately through to the customer services department which will mean that the caller first hears an automated menu which requests that they select the option most closely related to their enquiry. This is one way that PayPal make sure they populate their various divisions with the correct number of customer advisor.

Companies that propose to be conduits for money to change hands should remain neutral. Pay Pal should stay out of politics. I am discussed that Pay Pal would try to meddle in the legislative process of any state. This move is unethical, little better than blackmail.

I plan to discontinue my use of Pay Pal. In my opinion, this opens the door for ANY man or woman entering the restroom of the opposite sex for the purpose of rape or molestation of children and adults. The underlying question, though is if PayPal will refuse to accept any money, services, or business from North Carolina and its citizens. All of us should let pay pal know that they cannot punish us for our religious beliefs and they must PAY for their unjust actions.

I will pray for pal pal and all in pay pal who have taken you company to this depth of lowliness. I also have cancelled my paypal account over their sorry decision to try and punish North Carolina over the gay rights law passed to keep dirty old men out of little girls bathrooms.

Sharon — that includes me, too, as I refuse to do business with a company who caters to the lgbt community and ignores common sense. I understand that PayPal has decided to attempt to punish NC by withdrawing jobs. I am a resident of NC. I read the bill and there is nothing in it that discriminates against anyone. In fact, if you actually read the bill, you will find that businesses in NC are free to have their own anti-discrimination policies as well as provide single unisex bathrooms for those who are uncomfortable using a male or female bathroom many businesses already do.

Did you also know that the man who led the movement to allow men and women to use whatever bathroom they identified with is a convicted child molester? Why would a pedophile want to have access to the bathroom of his choosing?

As a survivor of sexual assault and the mother of three children 2 of which are teenage girls , I advocated for this law and I unapologetically stand by the great state of NC on this issue. If you find this law offensive then you clearly advocate for the sexual abuse of women and children as well as the violation of privacy for our citizens.

If that is the case, good riddance! I am a PayPal customer and I too, can take my business elsewhere. By the way, I know more than people who would do it too.

PayPal should pay more attention to customer service- the company claims it cares about people but all of these complaints indicate otherwise. I understand that Paypal has rescinded its plans to open up a headquarters in North Carolina. I would hope that Paypal would reconsider that last stupid decision and realize it is totally stupid to allow any person queer or otherwise to go into any bathroom depending on what gender they felt that day.

At some point, we must consider the implications to our women and children, whose privacy and well-being are being compromised. This is not about hate, which unfortunately is put forth as the argument to stop all debate. Since you are not going to open a new office in North Carolina, how about coming to Roanoke, Virginia. Moved her 30 years ago — love my city, greenways, the mountains are beautiful.

Please give my city a chance to be your new home. Please consider establishing the new PayPal processing center in Connecticut. We have a very tolerant and open society and welcome new comers. I know the weather can sometimes be challenging but we have a great work force and eager to welcome new companies to our state. And suddenly, PayPal stoppped international money transfer through bank accounts! So, it costed me a lot of money! Paypal did not give any info before changing this option , changing their rules!!

This is NOT Professional! This is the first time I am encountering such a problem with PayPal and so, I no longer trust them! I will complain also to their HeadQuarters! Be careful before doing anything on PayPal because they can change their rules at any time without any prior notice via e-mail or by any other means!

I just spoke to a very unprofessional asshole manager named Jeff who was very disrespectful and unprofessional. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against papal. Any legal help u can give or tell me a phone number for PayPal.

I understand that Paypal plans on opening up a headquarters in North Carolina. I would hope that Paypal would reconsider this decision in lieu of the recent discriminatory bill that just passed as law in that state.

When I was young, boys went where there biologic genitalia took them. Why the all-fired-up, passionate demand to get in there? And that, my dear girl guy? Jessie, We in NC do not want men in our shower rooms or perverts using it as a way to stalk our children.

Maybe you need to find out what you are complaining about. Not everyone agrees with your liberal rant. You can be whatever you want… Girl or boy. But common sense says that if you have boy parts you use the boys bathroom and likewise for girl parts the girls bathroom. There is nothing discrimatory about that. People that listen to a media story and then follow non factual information are in for a lifetime of bad decisions.

It has nothing to do with discrimination. That sounds like Paypal is the hypocrite. Do you realize, that only 22 states in the U. That leave 28 states who do not. So, if Paypal has any offices in or does any business with any of those other 28 states, they are nothing but hypocrites seizing on a opportunity to appear like they care about the community.

What do you know! A state that has NO rights for gays, lesbians and transgenders! Hey Jessie, I hope Paypal does reconsider since they think that it is perfectly fine with a man being in the bathroom, dressing room and other private facilities where little girls and women should have privacy! I am currently almost I have talked to them and after thinking it was corrected they did it again today. Based on my experience, your services are unsatisfactory.

As a new customer, service has been a comedy of errors. I am contacting you today because your telephone service line has been absolutely inaccessible and I want to speak to someone very soon. I purchased something from a vendor and pay pal guaranteed me six months no payments no interests. Now pay pal says I checked credit instead of pay pal and wants to charge me interest and will not correct the problem. I think this is a rip off and will close my account as soon as it is paid off!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putting us on hold and transferring us to different people all the time. Why not just get to the point with us? I cannot believe how much of a fraud PayPal is. You guys have low ratings and are extremely bad customer service. What a huge disappointment. And I hope that voices will be heard. A direct card transaction is much better and safer. My rate to PayPal is.. Ruining people and other families.. This is MY rant. We have bank statements and proof.

I request immediate response. I am working on a case if the Department of Justice could afford tom give me an intelligent investigator for a semi criminal act. Did you get any satisfaction from this totally incompetent organization. I was ripped of by fraudulent chargebacks by only one customer totalling The same thing happened to me.

I only had 1 fraudulent charge back. They said that they will ask for a credit to my account but it might not be approved. Sold Diamond Padparadscha necklace to E-bay buyer in Norway. Destroyed the setting stole my sapphire.

Received destroyed counterfeit necklace from buyer Oct 26, I appealed Oct Pay Pal drained my account balance and put me in negative. Finaly getting a review. Now Pay Pal sending me to collections? Did you have any luck with FTC.? That is what I call pigeon holing. After Receiving a confirmation email from the seller, I emailed him and explained I did not buy this item and he very nicely cancelled the order.

Finally, when PayPal acknowledges receipt of funds, they will recognize the cancellation. However, you still will not have access to your money, because then you must send a request in writing authorizing PayPal to transfer your money to your bank account, which also takes working days. Due to this I will not recommend PayPal to anyone. I used the phone app to transfer funds from my account to my bank account and it did the exact opposite. It withdrew from my bank account that same night causing me to be overdrawn.

I called customer service twice that same night had to contact my bank to file a discrepancy. He spoke to me in such a disrespectful manner. Refused to let me speak to his manager. Poor customer service skills and faulty phone apps. I will never recommend using PayPal. Was approved for Credit Card and wont allow me to use the card for a dollar purchase. More like pay nightmare! I cannot complete a transaction.

Your website keeps looping back to entering card info. I hope they have not processed several charges and emptied my VISA account! I spent over 3 hours on the phone last night with Apple screaming at people on the phone, then with my bank filing fraudulent charges, and then tried calling PayPal.

I will start calling every one of their Executives at their home phone numbers if I can locate the numbers or if anyone might have them. These people are nothing but a bunch of crooks and need to be taken down. I am sending you this message. Your people who are the first contact are not knowledgeable, nor are they helpful. My account is still screwed up. You have things under 2 accounts that should be under the same account. Arrogance and lack of listening best describes my experience with paypal.

My sons account has been locked because I defunded money I sent him by mistake. Only myself, no one else. So, instead of releasing the legitimate funds paid to him, they are going to keep him money and likely earn interest until the decide to give it to him. He has already given to items that were purchased. I even called and told them that I had reversed payments and no one else. With my reversing the payments and his confirming I did so, where is the risk?

This is a complete abuse of trust and demonstrates a lack of information on the website. I would have never reversed the payments had a known this would be the outcome. I have used PayPal for years and I will not close my account. The worst customer service experience I have ever had. I wonder how many people have this experience and hoe much interest they earn each month.

Example of a good company that has gone down hill. Then I tripped over this web site. The more I read the more I started to gigle. Now I apologize for what I just wrote implies for I know that the problems of the people I read about are in the least bit funny. I was feeling alone and victumized by alarge and powerful company and they were personaly doing to me on perpose. I had actually given up trying to rectifing my problem. But now I see that I was right and as it turns out paypal provides a service that is desperately needed by million americans but does it with attitude that the service they are providing is a service to themselves and not the desperate millions they pretend to help.

I made some purchases using my bank with Paypal and never had any issues at all with it before until the past few days. It was denied and they chose a different card as a backup method that can not be changed. Yet that card doesnt have the funds on it for you to just charge. Instead of allowing me to change the backup method, you guys just choose to debit whatever card you pick.

I am extremely disappointed in paypal after this. I will be deleting my cards after this and only leaving one option from now so this doesnt happen. The least you could allow is for the owner of the accounts to pick the back up method of payment!!!!

PayPal absolutely has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. You cannot get a live human and when you do they are not able to help. There is no escalation process, just dead-ends with untrained people. I was a legitimate victim of identity theft. They treat victims like criminals and do not have anyone with the logical ability to differentiate between the victim and criminal and therefore simply lump all into the criminal category.

In terms of customer service, bottom of the barrel. The management could not make a decision to satisfy an excellent buyer. Management at PayPal is not allowed to make a management decision. I was told that I was asking them to violate policy, of which no one in the company had the authority to do. I retired in after working in various management positions with one of the finest companies in the world.

I never communicated to any manager to loose an excellent customer to save a below level other. I have dollars in my paypal account. I have done nothing wrong nor am I being accused of doing anything wrong but yet paypal has suspended my account and refuses to give me my money for days.

I am an 18 yr old girl just trying to make her way. I was raised an orphan and am trying to do the best I can. I am a good citzen and a very responsible adult. What gives Paypal the right to rip me off. They are not God, the police, or the Irs. I have violated none of their rules so they are breaking their own rules by holding my money. I want my money back now Paypal. I will contact every channel at Paypal that I can find including your board members, along with every television reporter and newspaper affiliate and any government complaint agency that I can find.

I will plaster what you have done on facebook, twitter and any other social channel I can think of. I will also contact every law office connected to the current and past class action lawsuits against Paypal to let them know that you certainly have not changed your colors. I am respectfully giving you 24 hours to respond to my message and release my funds. Thank you in advance Shelby kearon. Did you finally get your money.

If so how long did it take. I have a terrible story with PayPal right now.. Please let me know what your outcome was Thank you! I received money and you put it on hold? Why do all transaction needs to be reviewed by you? If I send money will you ask what its for?

Get this issue resolved ASAP. The card address should correspond to the billing address, fine. My bank in England has no problem with me living and having my French address as my account address.

A supposedly international company … Cannot cope with that. They want me to close my account and open a French PayPal account which would no doubt require me to use the details of my French bank account. A I do t want to use my French account, I want to continue using my British account. B have ugh why idea how difficult it is to do online transactions using a French account. This is the biggest scam service ever. It will take you over two weeks to maybe get it back.

Do NOT link your account to a bank. Once you do they can take any payment from you they wish. Garbage is the only response thy will give you back. Stinky, harsh, unprofessionally crude, are the adjectives to describe the stench of the responses you will receive back. Do not bother with paypal get a real credit card. Credit Cards are much better. Sounds like a much better idea.

Rob must be a PayPal employee. He is the only one that supports the company. Everyone else has had problems just like me.

It is possible to get correct information from PayPal. I was told money would be sent right away from my bank account. Now I am told that it is in an echeck form.

This is very unprofessional. Kathy probably struggled to understand a troglodyte like you. Now no one at customer service will assist me and it is impossible to rach headquarters. PayPal just let child go hungry so that they could make a buck. I have bills to pay with my inaccessible money. This is incredibly frustrating. I wish I could give negative ratings… as you guys would get all-5 stars As a business owner your business support team is the worst… I am waiting two days for them to get back to me and losing a large sale due to this… And this is not the first time I would recommend to anyone thinking of using paypal for business…NOT TO DO IT Its embarrassing.

PayPal are one of the largest companies in the world. They have bigger fish to fry. You can not get a human at pay pal. I called and was put on hold for an hour. I called eBay and they said they can get me to a human and again I was put on hold for Then I called the corporate put on hold and could not get a human. I have a complaint about my payment methods. This may not be the venue to voice this but I am livid. I was not able to use my bank account as a payment method to check out after spending approximately 15, dollars on ebay through the years.

When I contacted customer service at paypal and spoke to a supervisor named Ryan, he said I was a credit risk because I left my account in the negative of 20 dollars for a month. So you are telling me that paypal is so petty that I am being penalized for leaving it on the books until you paid me what someone else owed me.

If I had known that I was going to be spanked I would have left more than that. I have been insulted by paypal and wish that ebay had someone else they used. If i have to stop using ebay to keep from using paypal I will. This is a perfect example of how you loose customers. If I want to purchase something I will buy it outside of paypal with my credit card. I also talked to Ryan their supervisor and not only could he not give me any answers, he talked to me like I was a idiot and had no in tensions on helping me at all.

How can you have a part of your company that deals with certain problems and not have a line for someone in that department to talk too. Makes no sense… How can I know if they even have the right information to solve the problem? This is poor business and the management is terrible. I agree with what you say about PayPal. The Call Center is off shore in the Philippines.

I know this is true because I lived in the Philippines and married to a Filipina for 23 years…. Called eBay, they say it not us. They say we want to protect the buyer… PayPal collect fees from the seller not the buyer. You use PayPal for ease of transaction. I immediately imagined the end user to be Pay Pal. As you are well wearable transactions are here. This domain is perfect for paypal.

Please contact me directly as I prefer phone negotiations however E-Mail offers are more than acceptable. Paypal Dear Mister McCabe I really love to have a word with you because if paypal its so generose with million clients like me i will miss paypal. But a interessting probleme i have and a great idea to solf paypals problem and lost. I like to return my undisurved funds in trade of a meeting with you Sincerely Jochen Mai. Contacting Paypal Headquarters Paypal is a money website offering consumers the ability to take online payments for products and services rendered.

Paypal Headquarters Info You can contact Paypal headquarters by mail, but no phone number or email contact is listed on the corporate side of the website for Paypal headquarters. There are two offices for Paypal headquarters in the United States. The first office is the official corporate website. The second is the worldwide operations office. Paypal Headquarters N. Call Paypal headquarters at Click Call Us and you will be taken to a contact page. The phone number is , but you will need to one-time passcode to contact the customer service department.

You can call between 6 a. Monday to Friday and 8 a. You can also contact the Paypal customer service department by email, but you will need to login to your account to access the contact form. You can choose a topic and subtopic for your contact before the customer contact form appears. You need to login to your account before accessing much of the contact information.

Paypal Headquarters Executive Team At the Paypal headquarters there is a leadership team and a board of directors. RobbieRealtor August 22, Deyonna August 12, Hannah Groves August 7, Lenora August 5, And… then after waiting four hours..

Sonya Sarner July 29, Robert July 2, B Baisden June 15, Monday July 25, See PayPal in Court! Karon London-Payne June 8, John Douglas Rogers June 18, James M Perretta June 5, Deanna June 9, Dean May 15, Robert Stein May 13, You're Fired May 10, Chris May 10, Melvin palmer May 9, John Douglas Rogers June 5, Do a charge back on your credit card as fraud.

Dear Big Boss of Paypal My payment process is always delayed or blocked. Jackj McClunng April 8, Beulah Perrin March 29, Melissa June 15, CG March 28, Patrick Dupuis — Chief Financial Officer. Sharlene March 25, Mike March 19, Garrick Parr March 16, Okay PayPal, I have had enough.

Someone email me please!? I have not accessed my account in Germany ever! Thank you, Garrick Parr. Stacey March 7, Melissa Goodman March 30, C April 25, Umar Majid March 1, Hello Sir, why Paypal account did not support Pakistan Please???????

Brenton Daugherty February 12, Marcus Verhey March 10, Kiio February 12, Tariq Osman April 12, Move over United Airlines. Ronald February 8, Trying to put money into a friends account need your help. Bill March 16, Lance Devos February 2, Letizia February 16, Ashley January 31, Frank February 5, Sounds familiar,I should maybe join youi a class action? Jeff February 16, Karen Webb February 18, Faith February 9, Jacoba June 7, Lee Ann Paynter March 1, I would like to join you in this lawsuit.

Edward March 14, Tamara March 5, I would join as well. Guillaume B January 19, Ya been there,never get a straight answer. Al Be February 17, Roshonda N Young September 1, Attn Paypal Corporate Do you see any of this?? Richard Kho January 18, Thank you in advance and have a great day. From long-time cardholder, Richard Kho. Do all your proboem reporting in writing. Mike December 29, Don Austen December 28, Armani McKenzie December 24, Mike M December 23, Roxanne Russ December 23, Lisa C December 14, Agnes December 13, Anonymous December 10, That way, you have different people and different departments working on your problem Plus, it is impossible for PayPal to claim later that they did not get your letter.

If you send PayPal four or five letters -- are they going to claim they did not get even one? Link your site with ours! Then fax the information again the next day. Be sure to get proof of your faxes. If you file a complaint later against PayPal, they cannot claim they never got your faxes.

If you call PayPal, and you don't like the answer you got, call them right back again. Different PayPal employees will give you different answers and solutions to the same problem. If one PayPal employee doesn't help you out, the next one might. The customer service representative must transfer your call at that point.

Unless provoked first, always be respectful and polite on the phone with PayPal. You have a better chance of getting helped if the PayPal employee likes you and sees you are respectful. It might be hard to do, but you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! When making a complaint, make sure you tell PayPal how you would like the issue resolved!

Many people complain about their problem, then fail to give PayPal a solution to the problem. Offering PayPal "an out" will increase your chances of getting your problem solved.

Helpful List of PayPal Contacts

Contact PayPal for answers to all of your online payment questions or to sign up for our services! PayPal is the world's leading online payment processor. Call costs £ per minute with a minimum charge of £ plus your phone company´s access charge. The contact details you require can be found free of charge on the Paypal website here. We are an unofficial service and we have not connection with Paypal. Click Contact us at the bottom of the page. Choose the topic and sub-topic that best match your reason for contacting us. Select "email us" near the bottom of the page.